October 4, 2023

Data on more than 18,000 bank accounts, holding more than $100bn (£73.6bn), was leaked to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung by a whistleblower that includes personal, shared and corporate accounts, as well as those opened as far back as the 1940s.

Nearly 50 media organisations have spent months poring over the data suggesting they have found evidence Credit Suisse accounts had been used by clients involved in serious crimes such as money laundering or drug trafficking.


But the Swiss bank rejected the allegations in a statement on Sunday, saying it strongly rejected the allegations and insinuations about the bank’s alleged business practices or lack of due diligence carried out.

In reports published by media organisations such as The Guardian and the New York Times, it has been claimed the bank opened or maintained accounts for high-risk clients, including criminals and individuals involved in human trafficking.


Holding a Swiss account is not illegal and the leak also reportedly contained data of clients who had done nothing wrong. It includes bank accounts dating back decades. The majority were opened from 2000 onwards, although the bank’s current operations are not included.

Approximately 90% of the reviewed accounts are today closed or were in the process of closure prior to receipt of the press inquiries, of which over 60% were closed before 2015. It deeply aware of its responsibility to clients and the financial system as a whole to ensure that the highest standards of conduct are upheld

Credit Suisse Statement

It is not known if the whistleblower is an individual or a group.

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