December 11, 2023
San Francisco 49ers blackbyte ransomware

The San Francisco 49ers NFL team has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. It disclosed the attack after that the BlackByte ransomware added the team to the list of its victims on its dark web leak site.

It immediately launched an investigation into the attack and took steps to contain the incident with the help of third-party cybersecurity firms, it also notified law enforcement. No indication that the security breach involved systems outside of its corporate network, such as those connected ticket holders.


The consequence of the ransomware attack could have been catastrophic if the team had qualified for Super Bowl LVI due to the impact on the team’s game preparations.

Unlike other ransomware that may have a unique key in each session, that version of BlackByte was using the same raw key to encrypt files and it uses the symmetric-key algorithm AES. Anyone that could access the raw key would be able to decrypt the files. Trustwave researchers found the way to exploit poot coding to create the decrypter.

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