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Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator is provided by Microsoft. The Exam SC-300 measures the candidate’s ability to perform technical tasks such as executing an identity management solution; implementing an authentication and access management solution; achieving access management for apps, and planning and performing an identity governance strategy, etc.


This course equips IT Identity and Access Professionals, as well as IT Security Professionals, with the skills and knowledge required to implement identity management solutions that are based on Microsoft Azure AD and other connected identity technologies.

It covers identity content for Azure AD as well as enterprise application registration, conditional accessibility, identity governance, other identity tools. It is designed for Identity and Access Administrators, who plan to take the certification exam or are currently performing identity and access administration tasks.

An administrator or engineer who wants to become a specialist in Azure-based identity solutions and access management systems would benefit from this course.


Responsibilities of an Identity and Access Administrator Associate

The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator plans, implements, and conducts an organization’s identity and access management systems by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

They manage duties such as administering secure authentication and authorization access to enterprise applications. The administrator provides seamless experiences and self-service management abilities for all users. Adaptive access and governance are core elements of the role. This role is also responsible for troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting for the identity and access environment.

The Identity and Access Administrator may be a single individual or a member of a larger team. This role collaborates with many other roles in the organization to drive strategic identity projects to modernize identity solutions, implement hybrid identity solutions, and implement identity governance.

Exam Details: SC-300

Exam Name                      Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator

Exam Code                       SC-300

Exam Duration                 120 minutes

Exam Format                    Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions

Exam Type                        Online and Proctored Exam

Number of Questions      40-60

Exam Fee                          $165 USD

Exam Language               English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean

Pass Score                        700

Exam Medium                  Pearson Vue or Certiport

After successfully passing the SC-300, the candidate will gain the role of Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate.


Topics Covered in the Azure SC-900 Certification

The SC-300 exam includes four major topics, with each focusing on different concepts in Azure identity. Each domain has a different weightage with a different set of subtopics. Microsoft has updated the skills latest by January 2022

Domain-1 : Implement an Identity Management Solution (25-30%)

Implement initial configuration of Azure Active Directory

  • Configure and manage Azure AD directory roles
  • Configure and manage custom domains
  • Configure and manage device registration options
  • Configure delegation by using administrative units
  • Configure tenant-wide settings

Create, configure, and manage identities

  • Create configure manage users, and groups
  • Manage licenses

Implement and manage external identities

  • Manage external collaboration settings in Azure Active Directory
  • Invite external users (individually or in bulk)
  • Manage external user accounts in Azure Active Directory
  • Configure identity providers (social and SAML/WS-fed)

Implement and manage hybrid identity

  • Implement and manage Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC)
  • Implement and manage Azure AD Connect cloud sync
  • Implement and manage Password Hash Synchronization, Pass-Through Authentication
  • Implement and manage seamless Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Implement and manage Federation (excluding manual ADFS deployments)
  • Implement and manage Azure Active Directory Connect Health
  • Troubleshoot synchronization errors

Domain-2 :Implement an Authentication and Access Management Solution (25- 30%)

Plan and implement Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Plan Azure MFA deployment (excluding MFA Server)
  • Implement and manage Azure MFA settings
  • Manage MFA settings for users

Manage User Authentication

  • Administer authentication methods (FIDO2 / Passwordless)
  • Implement an authentication solution based on Windows Hello for Business
  • Configure and deploy self-service password reset
  • Deploy and manage password protection
  • Configure smart lockout thresholds
  • Implement and manage tenant restrictions

Plan, implement and administer conditional access and policies

  • Plan and implement security defaults
  • Implement conditional access policy controls and assignments (targeting, applications, conditions)
  • Testing and troubleshooting conditional access policies
  • Implement application controls and session management

Manage Azure AD Identity Protection

  • Implement and manage a user risk policy, sign-in risk policies, MFA registration policy
  • Monitor, investigate and remediate elevated risky users

Domain-3 :Implement Access Management for Apps (10-15%)

Plan, implement, and monitor the integration of Enterprise Apps for SSO

  • Implement and configure consent settings
  • Discover apps by using MCAS or ADFS app report
  • Design and implement access management for apps and app management roles
  • Monitor and audit access / Sign-ions to Azure Active Directory integrated enterprise applications
  • Integrate on-premises apps by using Azure AD application proxy
  • Integrate custom SaaS apps for SSO
  • Configure pre-integrated (gallery) saas apps
  • Implement application user provisioning

Implement app registrations

  • Plan your line of business application registration strategy
  • Implement application registrations, permissions and authorization
  • Plan and configure multi-tier application permissions

Domain-4 :Plan and Implement an Identity Governance Strategy (25-30%)

Plan and implement entitlement management

  • Define catalogs, access packages
  • Plan, implement and manage entitlements
  • Implement and manage terms of use
  • Manage the lifecycle of external users in azure ad identity governance settings

Plan, implement and manage access reviews

  • Create access reviews for groups and apps
  • Monitor access review findings
  • Manage licenses for access reviews
  • Automate access review management tasks
  • Configure recurring access reviews

Plan and implement privileged access

  • Define a privileged access strategy for administrative users (resources, roles, approvals, thresholds)
  • Configure privileged identity management for azure ad roles and azure resources
  • Manage PIM requests
  • Analyze PIM audit history and reports
  • Create and manage break-glass accounts

Monitor and maintain azure active directory

  • Analyze and investigate sign-in logs to troubleshoot access issues
  • Review and monitor azure ad audit logs
  • Enable and integrate azure ad diagnostic logs with log analytics / azure sentinel
  • Export sign-in and audit logs to a third-party SIEM
  • Review azure ad activity by using log analytics / azure sentinel, excluding KQL use
  • Analyze azure active directory workbooks / reporting
  • Configure notifications

Candidates could not just start reading every book. They get to cover all topics in the SC-300 exam skills outline. You can get started with your preparations for the SC-300 exam without any difficulties by following the tips mentioned below:

Familiarize with the Exam

Candidates should understand all the topics covered in the exam skills outline for the SC-300 exam. As a result, they could identify suitable learning materials for each topic. This can save them a lot of effort in finding out the relevant resources for supporting their preparations.

Use Microsoft Learning

With a clear idea of all the details about the exam, you can look for moving to the next stage of the SC-300 preparation guide. You need credible learning resources for building a clear foundation for success in qualifying for the exam. Microsoft Learning gives official resources that can help in preparing for SC-300 with reflection on different aspects of Azure security, Compliance, and identity.

The official recommended learning paths for the SC-300 exam on the official certification page give a prolific advantage to all learners. The learning paths are divided into different parts for helping you in flexible learning.

Learning paths recommended for the SC-300 exam can improve your command over the fundamentals of Azure security, Compliance, and identity. With the help of Microsoft learning paths, candidates could discover the perfect start to their SC-300 preparations.


Go for Official Documentation Only

If you thought Microsoft only has learning paths, you need to think twice. The official Microsoft documentation about and identity gives the ideal tools for navigating the massive body of knowledge pertaining to the concepts.

The official documentation allows candidates to explore the technical content relevant to their SC-300 study guide. The official Microsoft documentation also allows the flexibility of selecting resources according to roles, topics, products, job roles, and experience level.

Study Guide : Microsoft Official Study Guide

Training Courses are Helpful

Candidates preparing for Microsoft Azure SC-300 certification could also get the benefit of competitive advantage in their preparations through training courses. There are various professional certification training providers with a wide array of online courses. It is also essential to look for interactive exercises and engaging demo videos with the training courses to ensure a better quality of learning. Most important of all, choose a training course which allows you some room to breathe. It can be difficult to concentrate on your preparation when you must complete the course within a specific time.

SC300 : Study Guide – Scott Duffy – 4 Hours Rodrigues -10 Hours

Practice Tests Can Test You – Important!

It is true that practice is the key factor of success in professional certification exams. So, you need to make the most of practice tests for the SC-300 exam for evaluating your preparations. Practice tests feature similar formats to the actual exam and encourage the confidence of candidates. Regular practice with practice tests for the SC-300 exam can help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam format. They can also showcase how the candidates perform in different domains of the exam. Therefore, practice tests are always necessary to add the finishing touch to your preparations.

Practise Tests : Udemy, WhizLabs

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