December 11, 2023

Qualys announced it is adding advanced remediation to the Qualys Cloud Platform. The new update enables organizations to fix asset misconfigurations, patch OS and third-party applications, and deploy custom software. The result is improved efficiency by eliminating the need to use multiple products and agents and a more comprehensive approach to remediation. 


Organizations struggle to remediate severe flaws quickly due to multiple factors including ambiguity between IT and Security on process ownership, especially when the action requires sophistication beyond the deployment of a simple patch.

Qualys Patch Management seamlessly integrates with Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) to remediate vulnerabilities by deploying patches or applying configuration changes on any device regardless of its location. The new remediation feature allows teams to use one application to detect, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities regardless of the remediation method required.

New capability additions

Remediate Vulnerabilities Related to Configuration Changes

Teams can patch and update configurations to remediate all Windows-based vulnerabilities from one console and workflow. For example, they can use Qualys to deploy the relevant patches and make the required registry changes to remediate the vulnerability.


Deploy and Patch Any Windows OS-based Software to Any Device

Qualys Patch Management can deploy or patch any windows-based application no matter if it is on-premises, in the cloud or a remote location. The Qualys Cloud Agent can push any software to all target devices, such as deploying proprietary patches to all WFH users.

Support Complex Patch Deployments and Environments

Allows the deployment of patches and configuration changes in complex environments with elaborate workflows and dependencies.

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