September 21, 2023

Lacework, unveiled a new platform designed to help companies automatically uncover suspicious activity across a multicloud environment dubbed as Polygraph Data Platform, the service can detect and address genuine threats and risks to business from build time through runtime.

A combined agentless and agent-based approach, the platform uses cloud service provider application vulnerability scanners and integrations with infrastructure as code  and  continuous integration and continuous deployment or CI/CD workflows. It promises to deliver insights into vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, inventory of cloud assets, compliance checks, monitoring cloud configuration and threat detection


As a part of delivering runtime security, the platform continuously monitors and automatically surfaces anomalous activity that could be indicative of an attack.

Security approaches are not prone to individual environment. It varies time to time and relying on security teams to create rules that scan against a list of known problems, these tools bury critical information amid an influx of alerts and delay protection for new issues or attacks. These activities sometime considered to be a roadblock to innovation.

The Polygraph Data Platform offers automated anomaly detection across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes EKS environments, providing customers with the ability to detect attack activity stemming from known and unknown threats.

The platform’s key features include correlating major vulnerabilities with exploit activity, improved asset discovery and enhanced compliance benchmarking.

During trail dry run, it’s visible that the Polygraph Data Platform helped drive down the overall cost of security while at the same time increasing the time-to-value and efficacy of their security posture. Once deployed, the platform significantly reduced alerts, making it easier for security and developer teams to identify vulnerabilities while also allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Current business trend is moving more workloads to the cloud, hoping to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility it offers. Solutions that work with the scale of multiple cloud environments, not against it, and which can guard against the ransomware and zero-day threats that are increasing in sophistication alongside customer adoption in the cloud need of the hour.

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