November 30, 2023

Microsoft is preparing a new feature for its antivirus platform that will give organizations a greater level of control over the protection provided to specific employees.

As per company’s product roadmap, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 will soon allow companies to dial protections up and down depending on the identity and profile of the specific user.


We are introducing differentiated protection for Priority accounts, which will provide users tagged as Priority with a higher level of protection.

Microsoft Statement

This free antivirus services that comes bundled with Windows, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a paid service designed to shield organizations against threats posed by email messages, links and collaboration tools.

Although it’s obviously important that all employees are protected sufficiently against malware, ransomware and other threats, there has recently been an uptick in sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks aimed at high-profile members of an organization.

This is because cybercriminals generally have more to gain by targeting executives and other senior personnel, who handle more sensitive information, have greater access privileges and can be blackmailed to greater effect.


Security alerts linked with Priority accounts will jump to the top of the queue used by cybersecurity teams to triage and respond to threats. Under this system, businesses could even operate a sub-team dedicated specifically to investigating and responding to alerts targeting the C-Suite.

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