November 30, 2023

The Nobel is an annual prize awarded to people whose work in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, and peace has been exceptional and is considered to be of particular benefit to humanity. A recent cyber attack has been revealed by the Nobel Foundation that tool place during the award ceremony last December

Nobel laureate website attacked by DDoS attack
As unfolded, the institution’s site was attacked by a DDoS attack that aims to overwhelm a website with large volumes of “junk” traffic and a large number of bogus connection requests.This exhausted thr available server resources and makes the website unable to serve real visitors, making it appear as if it has gone offline.


The cyberattack subjected the websites to extremely high loads and was designed to try to impede our ability to update and publish new information about the Nobel Prize and the achievements of Nobel Prize winners. the official announcement.

The Nobel Foundation has been repeatedly criticized for bias and favoritism, accused of taking an unfair stance against scientists from specific countries.

For instance on numbers, China, a country of 1.4 billion people, has received the award only eight times, India has won it 12 times, Russia has had 32 winners, and Japan just 29. But the people from the United States have been honored 398 times, the United Kingdom received 137 Nobel Prizes, Germany received the award 111 times, and France had 70 winners.

The committee that awards the Nobel Prize has been criticized too for excluding investigators who had key contributions in award-winning studies or ignoring pioneering discoveries provide relatively minor findings.


Keeping all this in mind, the involvement of a state-supported actor in these attacks would not be surprising if revealed.

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