March 21, 2023

The National Health Authority has denied any COVID-related data leak from Co-WIN portal on the prima facie basis, saying the platform neither collects the address of people nor RT-PCR test results for vaccination. Cyber criminals on the dark web had posted personal data of thousands of people, claiming they were from India.

The reason is that Co-WIN collects neither the address of the person nor the RT-PCR test results for vaccination. Further, we would like to assert that no data has leaked from Co-WIN portal and the entire data of residents is safe and secure on our platform


The alleged leaked data has been put on sale on Raid Forums website where a cyber criminal claims to have the personal data of over 20,000 peopople personally identifiable information (PII) including name and Covid-19 results are made public through a content delivery network (CDN).

The government has heavily relied on digital technologies in terms of controlling and creating awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic as also its vaccination programme. Several government departments mandate people to use the Aarogya Setu app for COVID-19 related services and information.

Data sold in the dark web is often exploited by cyber criminals and fraudsters for various kind of frauds

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