September 30, 2023

Indonesia’s central bank has been attacked by ransomware, but the risk from the attack had been mitigated and did not affect its public services.

We were attacked, but so far so good as we took anticipatory measures and most importantly public services at Bank Indonesia were not disrupted at all. Also ading the attack took place last month and recovery operations had been conducted.

Bank Statement

DarkTracer, a platform that monitors and traces malicious activities online, said that Bank Indonesia was on a target list of cybercriminals using a malicious software dubbed ‘Conti’.


Conti has claimed the attack today after leaking some files allegedly stolen from Bank Indonesia’s network. The ransomware group claims to have 13.88 GB worth of documents to leak if Bank Indonesia doesn’t pay the ransom.

Not more information available at time of writing. Will keep updating the article, when information received.

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