October 3, 2023

Trellix, a new business has been launched that combines the previously STG-acquired McAfee Enterprise and FireEye to deliver extended detection and response or XDR to organizations focusing on accelerating technology innovation through machine learning and automation. The new name is said to evoke the structure of a trellis, a safe and robust framework used to support the structured growth of climbing plants and trees.


The company’s XDR ecosystem is designed to accelerate the effectiveness of security operations by providing customers with the capability to ingest more than 600 native and open security technologies. By providing better insight, granting more control, and delivering comprehensive threat context, analysts can save time and act decisively to remediate threats.

Trellix XDR platform protects our customers as we bring security to life with automation, machine learning, extensible architecture, and threat intelligence towards the digital transformation

STG had previously announced that it intended to merge McAfee Enterprise and FireEye after acquiring both companies. That product brought FireEye Helix behaviour analysis and AI/ML extended detection response capabilities combined with Amazon Inspector to AWS customers. FireEye Helix is a SaaS Security Operations Platform designed on AWS to provide superior detection and response without the overhead of full security information and event management, known as SIEM, or security orchestration, automation and response, or SOAR.


STG plans to launch the McAfee Enterprise Secure Service Edge portfolio as a separate business later this quarter, including Cloud Access Security Broker, Secure Web Gateway, and Zero Trust Network Access. Whether the business will get a new name is uncertain but highly possible.

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