December 3, 2023

Italian fashion giant Moncler has confirmed that it suffered a data breach after files were stolen by the AlphV/BlackCat ransomware operation in last December and released on the dark web.

The luxury fashion brand announced a disruption to its IT services but assured the attack would result in nothing more than a temporary outage. Few days later, the company issued an update on the situation, reactivating its logistics systems and prioritizing e-commerce shipments that had been delayed.


Moncler confirmed that certain data relating to its employees, former employees, suppliers, consultants, business partners and customers was leaked today by the AlphaV ransomware operation (BlackCat) . It rejected the prospect of paying a ransom demand because it goes against its founding principles, leading to the publication of the stolen data.

Moncler recalls that all information in the possession of cybercriminals is the result of illegal activities and therefore the acquisition, use and dissemination thereof constitute a criminal offense.

Moncler Statement

Finally, the company reiterated that it had notified company stakeholders and the Italian Data Protection Authority of the attack.

The ALPHV ransomware gang released Moncler’s data on their data leak and also reported that they demanded $3 million for not releasing the data.The stolen data includes income statements, spreadsheets containing what appears to be customer information, invoices and other documents.

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