March 25, 2023

Risk intelligence start-up Flashpoint has acquired vulnerability and data breach intelligence company Risk Based Security. for an undisclosed sum.

RBS identifies risks to an organization’s most valuable assets through a combination of security intelligence and big data analytics. The company claims its services provide actionable insight into cybersecurity risks, even from threat sources that are often overlooked.


Risk Based Security Platform, VulnDB and Cyber Risk Analytics provide organizations access to the most comprehensive threat intelligence knowledge bases available. They include advanced search capabilities, access to raw data via application programming interface and email alerting to allow organizations to take the right actions in a timely manner.

RBS possesses more than 90,000 vulnerabilities in its collections that are not assigned Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures or CVE IDs and therefore do not exist in the National Vulnerability Database. RBS’ technology consistently identifies vulnerabilities before they are commonly known and maps those vulnerabilities to an enterprise’s software, providing clients with a critical edge and head-start on potential adversaries, according to the company.

Another service from RBS, YourCISO, provides organizations with on-demand access to high-quality security and confirmation risk management resources through an easy-to-use web portal.


RBS’s client list reflects its location in Richmond, Virginia, near Washington D.C. Customers include Microsoft Corp., BlackRock Inc., Northrop Grumman Corp., Swisscom AG, American Electric Power Co. Inc., the National Railroad Passenger Corp., and numerous other enterprises in the technology, financial, insurance and consumer goods sectors.

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