November 30, 2023

NTT Security AppSec Solutions announced a solution that enables to conduct dynamic application security testing at each phase of the development cycle and prevent exploitable vulnerabilities from reaching production.

Vantage Prevent, the next phase of the WhiteHat Vantage Platform, is designed to leverage developers’ functional and quality assurance tests to identify exploitable security risks in their web applications and application programming interfaces.


The service allows to automate security testing in continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD pipelines within their native environment. At the same time, security teams can assess vulnerabilities reported within minutes of discovery before being deployed into production.

This technology is poised to reignite DevSecOps an approach that ensure software development, security and IT operations all share security responsibilities  in modern development and bring a united approach to application security

Key features and functionality include dynamic testing in minutes rather than days through the software development lifecycle, developer-directed DAST that seamlessly integrates dynamic scans with functional and quality assurance testing, and native API testing.


The service is language- and interface-agnostic and can perform tests against any APIs, single-page and multipage web applications regardless of language. DevSecOps teams can also quickly test incrementally or scan an entire application in local developer environments.

Vantage Prevent is scheduled to be announced later in the first quarter, the final phase of The WhiteHat Vantage Platform launch adapts traditional DAST by simulating production safe attacks against applications to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in pre and post production environments, providing security teams with actionable guidance to quickly safeguard against breaches.

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