March 22, 2023

Chrome 97 arrived on start of 2022. This release brings better tools for deleting stored website data, nicer-looking web apps, and more granular zoom controls for the mobile version of the browser.

Along with the new features nearly 37 bug fixes has been done on Chrome 97! and Google has released it as a most stable version

Chrome 97 makes some changes to the Privacy and Security settings. You can now delete all the data stored by a website. Previously, you could only delete individual cookies. This new setting can be found at Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings > View Permissions and Data Stored Across Sites.


Chrome 94 started testing the ability for CSS to detect if a screen supports HDR content. That feature is now live in Chrome 97. This allows web developers to enable HDR content without compromising the experience for those who don’t have HDR displays.

Bug Fix Details

CVEIssue DetailsSeverity
CVE-2022-0096 Use after free in Storage.Critical
CVE-2022-0097 Inappropriate implementation in DevTools.High
CVE-2022-0098 Use after free in Screen Capture.High
CVE-2022-0099 Use after free in Sign-in.High
CVE-2022-0100 Heap buffer overflow in Media streams API.High
CVE-2022-0101 Heap buffer overflow in Bookmarks.High
CVE-2022-0102 Type Confusion in V8 .High
CVE-2022-0103 Use after free in SwiftShader.High
CVE-2022-0104 Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE.High
CVE-2022-0105 Use after free in PDF.High
CVE-2022-0106 Use after free in Autofill.High
CVE-2022-0107 Use after free in File Manager API.Medium
CVE-2022-0108 Inappropriate implementation in Navigation.Medium
CVE-2022-0109 Inappropriate implementation in Autofill.Medium
CVE-2022-0110 Incorrect security UI in Autofill.Medium
CVE-2022-0111 Inappropriate implementation in Navigation.Medium
CVE-2022-0112 Incorrect security UI in Browser UI.Medium
CVE-2022-0113 Inappropriate implementation in Blink.Medium
CVE-2022-0114 Out of bounds memory access in Web Serial.Medium
CVE-2022-0115 Uninitialized Use in File API.Medium
CVE-2022-0116 Inappropriate implementation in Compositing.Medium
CVE-2022-0117 Policy bypass in Service Workers.Low
CVE-2022-0118 Inappropriate implementation in WebShare.Low
CVE-2022-0120 Inappropriate implementation in Passwords.Low

Features List

  • Feature Policy for Keyboard API: Chrome 97 has a new “keyboard-map” value for the allow list of a feature policy. “Keyboard.getLayoutMap()” helps identify a key pressed for different keyboard layouts such as English and French.
  • Auto-expand Details Elements: Closed details elements are now searchable and can be linked. These hidden elements will also automatically expand when “find-in-page,” “ScrollToTextFragment,” and element fragment navigation are used.
  • Support calc(<number>) where only accepts <integer>: CSS math functions that resolve to <number> can be used in any place that only accepts <integer>.

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