December 9, 2023

Information about 200 users was leaked by the Sharp Boys hacker group, with a threat to leak the data of three million people.

A hacker group called Sharp Boys announced that it had hacked two Israeli hiking websites on Saturday, leaking the information of 200 users and offering the information of around three million people for sale. The leaked data includes emails, addresses and phone numbers.


The two affected sites were Tiyuli and Lametayel. Tiyuli is a website that provides information on hiking, attractions, maps and places to sleep throughout Israel. Lametayel is a chain of hiking and sporting goods stores and its site also provides information on hiking.Both sites were down as of Saturday night.

A message posted by the hackers read “Hi , and are Hacked ! All databases are for sale.” The hackers added that they had 500 GB of data to sell including the emails, passwords and phone numbers of about three million users.

The Sharp Boys did not make or reference any demands for ransom. It is unclear if the attack was nationalistically motivated. Lametayel told KAN news that it had identified “suspicious activity” on its sites on Saturday afternoon and took down all its sites and blocked access to them, adding that the issue was being checked

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