December 5, 2023

The VirusTotal has recently released a new feature,will eventually fill the gap that generally occurred during investigations. However, as time passes, it becomes more difficult to report some new findings.


This new feature will solve the problem as the VirusTotal collection provides a live report which includes:-

  • A title
  • A group of IoCs
  • An optional description

The collection provides all the latest information, and it is enhanced with VirusTotal analysis along with some aggregate tags and available as public through the UI and API, it can also be shared using their permalink.

While the community provides content, that includes comments, graphs, and collections that generally contribute to the Community section of the file, URL, domain, as well as IP address reports.

Collections are open to our VirusTotal Community (registered users) and they will be enhanced with VirusTotal analysis metadata providing the latest information we have for the IoCs, along with some aggregated tags.

Not only that even the IoCs in a collection also includes the other raw details that are provided by the VirusTotal itself, and here they are mentioned below:-

  • Detection rate
  • The first and last time the artifact was seen
  • File size
  • Name of the registrar
  • Country
  • The autonomous system
  • The managing network operator

This new feature of VirusTotal enables the security researchers to easily and effectively collude with other experts with each key detail that is needed to mitigate any threat in a more efficient and easy way.

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