June 7, 2023

Dell Technologies has partnered with AWS to protect customer data from ransomware by bringing Dell’s cyber recovery solution to the AWS Marketplace with the launch of Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS.


Through the AWS Marketplace, customers can easily purchase and deploy an air-gapped cyber vault from Dell, to help securely protect and isolate data away from a ransomware attack
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Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS provides multiple layers of protection with a modern approach that allows AWS customers to resume normal business operations quickly and confidently after a cyberattack.

The solution moves a customer’s critical data away from the attack surface, physically and logically isolating it with a secure, automated operational air gap. Unlike standard backup solutions, this air gap locks down management interfaces, requiring separate security credentials and MFA for access.


Data is a strategic asset and protecting it against ransomware and other cyberattacks is critical for organizations to make informed decisions about their business and thrive in today’s digital economy. As organizations continue to adopt diverse IT infrastructures, across the public cloud and on-premises environments, data protection solutions can improve data security.

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