April 2, 2023
CrowdStrike Releases New Update To Falcon Orchestrator

CrowdStrike announced that the CISA has worked with multiple federal agencies to select CrowdStrike as one of the major platforms to support the endpoint detection and response (EDR) initiative. CrowdStrike brings the cloud-native AI-driven power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to secure critical endpoints and workloads for CISA and multiple other major civilian agencies and directly operationalize Executive Order (EO) 14028, the landmark guidance that unifies several initiatives and policies to strengthen the U.S. national and Federal Government cybersecurity posture.


With the powerful combination of real-time threat intelligence on shifting adversary tradecraft and elite threat hunting, CISA will significantly strengthen its Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program and advance its mission of securing civilian “.gov” networks and leading the national effort to understand and manage cyber and physical risk to critical infrastructure.

CrowdStrike Falcon is FedRAMP authorized and rapidly enables agencies to detect and automatically prevent cyberattacks at the edge. Powered by the Security Cloud and delivered through a single cloud-native agent, CrowdStrike delivers comprehensive protection at scale, reducing complexity and driving down operational costs, while empowering CISA security teams with hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and remediation, and elite threat hunting and deliver true operational security capabilities through a single integrated platform.

chart of the EDR maturity model displaying the four levels of protection

EO 14028 embraces some concepts which CrowdStrike introduced to the marketplace over the past decade – concepts that have become cybersecurity best practices for the private sector’s most technologically advanced businesses. The Executive Order explicitly calls for the mandating of government entities to embrace cybersecurity tools and concepts such as threat hunting, EDR and IT modernization, and to prioritize the adoption of cloud technologies. The expanded partnership between CISA and CrowdStrike operationalizes these concepts as the two organizations look to rapidly strengthen public-private collaboration and cyber resiliency.


CrowdStrike has a history of assisting the U.S. government clients in Washington, D.C. The security firm was famously called in to investigate the 2016 breach on the Democratic National Committee, which was later attributed to Russian state-sponsored attackers, as well as the 2018 attacks on the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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