December 12, 2023
$10 credit cards, $2 PayPal accounts, and more on the dark web this holiday  season | 2020-12-03 | Security Magazine

A private Security firm has analysed nearly 45 lakh payment cards from 140 countries and found that the worldwide average cost to purchase a card was $9.70 in total. In some countries Hong Kong and the Philippines cost closer to $20, while Mexico costs a mere $2.36 on average.


Of all the countries with cards found on the dark web, the United States was the most affected with 1,561,739 cards for sale. The next highest was Australia, with 419,806 cards found. US cards only cost about $5.81, making them among the cheapest in the world.

Each country was assigned a risk index (0 to 1) to determine how likely people’s cards from a certain nation are to be available on the dark web. Hong Kong scored the maximum 1, while Australia and New Zealand each scored a 0.8. The US scored a 0.5, which made American cardholders more at risk than Canada, China, Germany India, and Russia, among others.

Among US cardholders, Visa was easily the most popular card brand. This seems to match the worldwide average, with 2,524,142 Visa cards found on the dark web, compared with 1,602,248 Mastercard and 215,971 American Express cards. It’s also worth noting that standard card types were at least twice as likely to be found stolen as premium ones.


Risk Index Calculated on the basis of following

  • Number of cards in the database per capita for that country
  • Number of cards in circulation for that country (based on country or regional data from Visa, Mastercard and American Express)
  • The proportion of non-refundable cards in the database for that country, with reduced influence on the overall index

Security Postures to Follow

  • Use Strong passwords and pin
  • Multi factor Authentication
  • AI and ML to detect Frauds

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