December 3, 2023

0patch released free unofficial patches for Windows local privilege escalation zero-day (CVE-2021-24084) in Windows 10, version 1809 and later. The issue doesn’t impact Windows Servers because the vulnerable functionality in not implemented in these OS types.


The issue resides in the  “Access work or school” settings of the Mobile Device Management Service. The vulnerability, can be exploited to bypass a patch released by Microsoft in February to address another information disclosure flaw CVE-2021-24084 reported by the same expert.

Two conditions need to be met in order for the local privilege escalation to work:

  1. System protection must be enabled on drive C, and at least one restore point created. Whether system protection is enabled or disabled by default depends on various parameters.  
  2. At least one local administrator account must be enabled on the computer, or at least one “Administrators” group member’s credentials cached.”

0patch released unofficial patches for:

  1. Windows 10 v21H1 updated with November 2021 Updates
  2. Windows 10 v20H2 updated with November 2021 Updates
  3. Windows 10 v2004 updated with November 2021 Updates
  4. Windows 10 v1909 updated with November 2021 Updates
  5. Windows 10 v1903 updated with November 2021 Updates
  6. Windows 10 v1809 updated with May 2021 Updates

0patch will provide free micropatches for this vulnerability until Microsoft has issued an official patch and no computer reboots will be needed.

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