June 7, 2023

New variants of Android spyware linked to a Middle Eastern APT group have been designed to be stealthier and more persistent.


This malware appears as an update app with a generic icon and name “App Updates” and it’s distributed as a download link in a text message sent to the victim’s phone. When a victim runs the app, it requests permission to control different parts of the phone. The attackers use social engineering to convince victims this control is necessary.

The spyware disguises itself under the name and icon of a legitimate app once the permission is granted, making it harder for the user to find and remove it. The new variants have more and varied disguises than earlier versions and hide behind the icons of popular apps like Google, Chrome, Google Play, and YouTube. Once upon clicking the icon the spyware launches a legitimate version of the app while conducting surveillance in the background.

The malicious features of earlier iterations are the same: gathering text from SMS and other apps, contacts, call logs, documents, and images; recording ambient audio along with incoming and outgoing calls; taking pictures and screenshots; recording the device’s screen; reading notifications from social media and messaging apps; and canceling security app notifications.

The C-23 APT has been active in the Middle East since 2017, and these new variants detected share code with other malware samples attributed to the group. Researchers also found Arabic language strings in the code and report some of the text could be presented in English or Arabic, depending on the language setting of a victim’s device.


Indicators of Compromise

  • sha256 33f79a64fee300f60541a96e2b0c4bcec3aac6f717dff52baa9da7ed803ed6f3 app.lite.bot
  • sha256 56becf7125a1596e30f80befb986ae96e18da5be40cc3f78ac0c35ae7a4e17ae app.lite.bot
  • sha256 57afc0eac8b23d955b75585d5ca7b086a7e17df94b9cb276847ec1c5fe6b6c1a org.light.upgrade
  • sha256 c054f6597665fccd18751a88d15488657ff19a286dbd4aac7ecb773b0df60c4d app.lite.bot
  • sha256 db511ead013e21f51303dd4f6a856418f88d72a7f95c0b2ace0c3ba80866bdf6 com.example.telegram
  • sha256 57bc6b95ecea7e0ca34174f1190de1e9664408311c973866b853d24f41b0e760 com.example.telegram
  • sha256 e00179c7bc76f90864f32275de183f76730cd4a99173c0b6fd6504afa02c8d55 com.example.sec_chat
  • certificate_serial ece521e38c5e9cbea53503eaef1a6ddd204583fa
  • certificate_serial d00cb9a0ab2313ee74b931a2ff7783ff3c490dac
  • certificate_serial 61ed377e85d386a8dfee6b864bd85b0bfaa5af81
  • certificate_serial 9b3a506c105d3b5ab4bd7549a8102a99ec3796cc
  • url hxxps://www.jose-ross.com/api/api_portal
  • url hxxps://donald-grigg.site/api/FZnW8Y
  • url hxxps://donald-grigg.site/api/zsDFwsa
  • url hxxps://donald-grigg.shop/api/FZnW8Y
  • filename org.light.upgrade
  • filename app.lite.bot
  • filename com.example.telegram

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