May 31, 2023

IBM Security announced that it has entered an agreement to acquire endpoint security platform startup ReaQta BV for an undisclosed price.

ReaQta offers an endpoint security platform that leverages AI to identify and manage threats while remaining undetectable to adversaries automatically. Active Defense Intelligence Platform provides clients with advanced detection and response capabilities without requiring additional or highly skilled personnel.


Pitched as simplifying the process of detecting and handling new threats, ReaQta says that its highly integrated intelligence platform delivers clients flexibility and speed. The platform is said to perform complex analysis that was previously possible only with large and highly specialized teams with a dynamic approach that protects organizations now and into the future.

ReaQta behavioral-based platform helps stop known and unknown threats in real-time and can be deployed in a hybrid model – on-premises or in the cloud as well as in air gapped environments. Through deep learning done natively on the endpoint, the platform constantly improves on defining threat behavior tailored to each business per endpoint, allowing it to block any abnormal behavior.

The company is certainly strong in its self-description. Along with claiming it was founded by an “elite team of offensive and defensive cybersecurity experts,” ReaQta claims to “blaze the trail in replacing failing legacy cybersecurity technologies with a ground-breaking approach.”

For IBM Security, the acquisition of ReaQta will enhance its capabilities in the extended detection and response market.


IBM Security also announced new XDR offerings under the QRadar brand. IBM QRadar XDR is designed to help security analysts break down the silos between the proliferation of point products in the industry. In doing so, the service provides comprehensive visibility across security tools and data sources.

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