CrowdStrike announced that it acquired SaaS based cybersecurity service Secure Circle. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but CrowdStrike said the acquisition will allow them to “extend Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint.”

CrowdStrike will be setting a new standard for endpoint based data protection by connecting Zero Trust enforcement to the device, the user identity and, with this acquisition, the data users are accessing and using. SecureCircle’s technology will help them “modernize data protection and enable customers to enforce Zero Trust at the device level, the identity level, and at the data level.”


SecureCircle’s technology helps customers enforce encryption on data in transit, at rest and in use, and CrowdStrike called data loss prevention a “failed technology” as companies continue to deal with data breaches on a daily basis.The combination of tools, will allow users to control usage policies for data and access rules.

The endpoint in today’s enterprise is everything, and coupling our cloud native approach to protecting sensitive data with CrowdStrike’s industry leading Zero Trust endpoint security will enable customers to enforce Zero Trust on the endpoint across all levels.