October 3, 2023

Telegram took the world by storm when it was introduced in 2013. A cloud-based app quickly became synonymous with end-to-end security. end encrypted messages, and a wide range of channels and user-friendly features.

Telegram was an immediate success and has grown exponentially. From 100,000 daily active users only in October 2013, it reached 100 million in January 2016 and 500 million in end of 2020.


Inspite its success and growth, recent events have started to cast doubt on Telegram reputation as the quintessential secure messaging application:

  • During June 2019, the hackers were able to break into Telegram accounts thousands of senior Brazilian officials, including President Bolsonaro
  • Telegram mistakenly exposed the data of 42 million users (user account IDs, phone numbers and names) during March 2020.
  • Telegram suffered a massive data breach in August 2020 that exposed the personal data of more than 500 million users.
  • Cybercriminals were able to take advantage of Telegram’s chat script tools to hack bank account data.
  • The Chinese government cyber unit claimed to be able to hack Telegram during 2018.

Telegram has been designed in such a way that by default it exposes its users to various risks:

  • Telegram needs access to user’s phone contacts for recording and collecting IP data. This means that users can only send messages to people they know, while the contact information stored puts data security at risk.
  • Some E2E encryption options are offered using the MTProto 2.0 protocol, but some messaging remains unencrypted.
  • Having a cloud based architecture means all email histories are stored in Telegram cloud where it is located vulnerable to hacking.

With no other viable competing messaging solutions on the horizon, the only truly secure alternative may come in the form of a technology that is already revolutionizing the global economy – Blockchain.

Era of secure messaging

A team of crypto technology experts from Lithuania started working on the ultimate blockchain based application, with the aim of creating the worlds most secure messaging protocol – Privacy.

Secretum is the world first and only encrypted and decentralised messaging app based on innovation Ethereum and Solana Block chains. It offers users a simple, intuitive and direct messaging platform, based on unique technological innovations:

  • Completely secure and anonymous registration, requiring only a crypto wallet address. No need for names, IDs or phone numbers (like Telegram). Total user privacy, without compromise.
  • No cloud storage, no user moderation, and full end-to-end encryption for all messages between users, completely eliminating the risk of hacks or data leaks.
  • All mail history and files are kept on anonymous, independent and unconnected nodes on the Secretum network – which eliminates all points of failure and, as it grows and expands its nodes, becomes more and more safer.

In addition to its benefits as a messaging app, Secretum is also revolutionizing the way crypto assets are traded. Via a proprietary P2P feature, all fungible and non-fungible crypto assets can be traded P2P without the need for a trade as easy as sending a message to a friend. Secretum takes full advantage of low gasoline costs, high block speeds and minimum commissions.


Secretum sets a new standard for global messaging applications, making communications more secure, reliable and trustworthy than ever. With its crypto trading functions, it positions itself to follow the upward trend in global crypto asset ownership and trading.

With its technology and functions, Secretum has the potential to become a world famous and recognized brand just like Telegram only without its limits.

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