September 30, 2023

VMware announced a partnership with Amazon eero LLC that will improve network connectivity and security for remote workers.Designed for WFH employees and delivered by strategic channel partners, the collaboration will pair eero 6 series mesh Wi-Fi systems with the VMware SASE Work from Home solution.

The combination of the two enables information technology teams to extend a better at-home Wi-Fi experience for their employees, working alongside VMware’s solution to deliver cloud networking and cloud security services. With eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi and VMware, employees will not be limited to working from one location in the home. The eero 6 series mesh Wi-Fi systems feature Wi-Fi 6, delivering fast speeds and solid coverage for simultaneous device usage throughout the home.


Employers will have the option to offer eero Pro 6, a tri-band, high-performance mesh Wi-Fi 6 router designed for homes with Gigabit internet connections, or eero 6, a dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router designed for homes with internet connections up to 500 megabits per second.

VMware’s cloud-based SASE offering will help enable more secure, reliable and efficient connectivity between user traffic from the eero Wi-Fi network in the home to the applications in the public cloud, cloud and on-premises data centers.

VMware SASE delivers operational simplicity by leveraging the centralized Orchestrator to drive networking and security policies. Teams can configure these policies and push them to all the remote sites powered by eero Wi-Fi systems. VMware SASE also uses AIOps to give IT teams the visibility to determine the actual user experience when users access cloud applications.


The announcement of the partnership comes just days before Dell Technologies will spin out VMware. Announced in April 2021, the spinoff is expected to be completed on Nov 2021

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