May 29, 2023

Cyber security firm Avast has released today decryption utilities for AtomSilo and LockFile  ransomware that allow the victims to recover their files for free.

Experts pointed out that AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware only have a few minor differences, for this reason,AVAST provides a single decryptor

Both the AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware strains are very similar to each other and except for minor differences, this description covers both of them.We prepared our very own free Avast decryptor for both the AtomSilo  and  LockFile strains.


Avast highlights a limitation of the decryption process because its Avast AtomSilo decryptor relies on a known file format in order to verify that the file was successfully decrypted. This implies that some files, such as files with proprietary or unknown format, may not be decrypted.

Avast AtomSilo decryptor-wizard-001

Avast has released today a decryption tool for Babuk ransomware that allows victims to recover their files for free. The decryptor was created using the leaked source code and decryption keys.

Babuk is a Russian ransomware, its source code was leaked, along with some of the decryption keys, in September 2021.The Babuk Locker operators halted their operations at the end of April after the attack against the Washington, DC police department.

Babuk ransomware operators rebranded their ransomware leak site into Payload.bin and started offering the opportunity to other gangs to use it to leak data stolen from their victims.


The security research group vx underground said that a Russian youngster, who is believed to be one of the developers of the Babuk gang, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided to leak the complete Babuk source code for Windows, ESXI, NAS.

Avast released a free decryptor for the Babuk ransomware here.

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