December 1, 2023

Microsoft has fixed multiple known issues impacting printing on Windows 11 with the release of the optional KB5006746 cumulative update preview.

Microsoft confirmed that KB5006746 fixes Windows 11 known issues causing printer installation fails and prompts for admin credentials before every attempt to print on systems commonly found in enterprise environments.

Installing printers on Windows devices not yet updated could also fail via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) in orgs sharing an IPP printer using printer connections.

KB5006746 in Windows Update

A third known issue addressed leading to custom printing properties not correctly provided to print server clients. Even though not causing printing operations to fail, it would only allow customers to print with default settings.


Since Windows 11 was released, customers have also complained of noticeable performance issues impacting systems with AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Microsoft fixed the AMD performance problems in the KB5006746 optional that addresses an L3 caching issue that might affect performance in some applications on devices that have AMD Ryzen processors after upgrading to Windows 11.

Microsoft has also fixed another issue causing Bluetooth mice and keyboards to be slower than expected, adversely affecting shooters and eSports games. Next issue that fixed that prevented Windows 11 users from using the Xbox Game Bar recording features.

The complete list of known issues fixed by Microsoft since Windows 11 was released includes:

  • Up to 15% performance hit on AMD CPUs
  • Compatibility issue apps creating registry keys using some non-ASCII characters
  • Compatibility issue with Oracle VirtualBox
  • Custom printing properties not correctly provided to print clients
  • Slower Internet speeds with Intel ‘Killer’ and Dell ‘SmartByte’ apps
  • Smartcard authentication fails when trying to connect using Remote Desktop
  • The Windows 10 taskbar not upgraded to the new Windows 11 design
  • The Windows 11 Start Menu does not open
  • Incorrect “This PC can’t run Windows 11” error
  • Windows 11 File Explorer consuming memory

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