December 10, 2023

Microsoft announced a new security program for nonprofits to provide them with protection against nation state attacks that have been increasingly targeting them in recent years stemming from the lack of adequate resources to build a strong defense.

Once they’re breached, nonprofits would usually provide attackers with access to information belonging to volunteers, donors, and other participants in their programs.

Microsoft’s 2021 Digital Defense Report confirms that in the past year, cybercrime has grown in scale and sophistication, leveraging crises to take advantage of at-risk targets..

Microsoft goal is to support 10,000 nonprofit organizations until the end of the first year and as many as 50,000 organizations worldwide after three years.

These organizations are attractive targets for nation-state actors because they often store sensitive data. According to the 2021 Cybersecurity Guide for Nonprofit Organizations, although cybercriminals attempt to access government and nonprofit databases every 39 seconds, up to 70% of charity networks lack a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to determine risk

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