September 21, 2023

Intel released two advisories to fix privilege escalation and information disclosure vulnerabilities in the SGX software development kit and Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager software products.

The more serious of the two flaws, CVE-2021-0186 affects the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) Software Development Kit (SDK) applications compiled for SGX2-enabled processors and may allow escalation of privilege in certain circumstances.

Intel has tagged the bug with a “high risk” rating and a CVSS Base Score of 8.2 and credited multiple academic institutions with reporting the issue.

The second Intel advisory covers a pair of security vulnerabilities in the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager software that may allow escalation of privilege or information disclosure. The HAXM updates are available on Github.

VMware released a trio of advisories to warn about security defects in the VMware vRealize IT operations management platform.

VMware released patches for an open-redirect flaw in the vRealize Orchestrator product (moderate severity), a CSV injection vulnerability in vRealize Log (medium severity) and a low-risk SSRF flaw in vRealize Operations product.

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