November 30, 2023

Palo Alto Networks unveiled its new India multicloud location dedicated to serving local and regional customers.

With threat detection and prevention is becoming more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Threat landscape keeps expands and grown more complex. The new data location provides a global, cloud delivered, community driven approach to aggregated threat analysis while addressing data residency and privacy needs that are important among organisations in India.

The new cloud location will enable India-based and other regional organizations to benefit from direct, high-performance access to Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Cortex XDR, WildFire and Cortex Data Lake while allowing storage of their logs within Indian borders. In addition, customers based in India already benefit from Palo Alto Networks local cloud locations with Prisma Access.

  • Prisma Access: Customers can securely connect mobile users and branch offices directly to gateways located in India for low-latency secure access to cloud and data center applications.
  • Prisma Cloud: Customers can secure and meet security compliance requirements for their applications, data, and the entire cloud native technology stack throughout the development lifecycle and across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Cortex XDR: Customers can take advantage of the extended detection and response platform that spans all data sources to stop modern attacks.
  • WildFire: Customers can fully utilise the advanced cloud-based threat analysis and prevention engine while ensuring that files submitted for analysis stay in India to help meet data residency and privacy concerns.
  • Cortex Data Lake: Customers can collect, transform, and integrate their enterprise’s security data to enable Palo Alto Networks solutions.

The availability of the regionally hosted services is part of Palo Alto Networks ongoing commitment to deliver the most complete set of security services locally for India and regional customers. These services enable customers to balance data privacy with the ability to detect emerging threats, providing a seamless, streamlined security solution operated and delivered within India.

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