December 8, 2023

ARMO released an expanded version KubeScape, an open source testing tool for Kubernetes  environments that is compliant with the standards set forth in the Kubernetes Hardening Guidance.

Kubescape is one of the rapidly growing Kubernetes security tools among developers due to its easy to use CLI interface and flexible output formats. KubeScape has become an immensely popular tool in the Kubernetes group, shortly after the launch.

Kubescape scans K8s clusters, YAML files, and HELM charts, providing hyper accurate results and enabling the detection of misconfiguration and software vulnerabilities at early stages of the CI/CD pipeline. It also integrates natively with other DevOps tools, including  Jenkins,  CircleCI  and GitHub workflows.

The expanded version of KubeScape has been updated with new Kubernetes configuration scanning, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework making it first ever tool with MITRE framework

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The new registration-based SaaS KubeScape solution, which is free to use, offers additional benefits including:

  • User-friendly UI for streamlined scans and test management,
  • An instantly calculated risk score based on the current scan, .
  • Easy access to a history of past scans 
  • Exceptions management, allowing Kubernetes admins to mark acceptable risk levels 
  • Build and create customized compliance frameworks

Developers look at security as a design and architectural problem that needs to be managed from the earliest stages of the development pipeline. Kubescape’s seamless integration with Kubernetes’ tech stack and practical, simple output make it a high-value, go-to solution that’s extremely appealing to developers.Kubescape detects highly dangerous security weaknesses before they reach production, and our updated version provides an even deeper level of visibility and protection for Kubernetes users

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