December 1, 2023

Google Cloud introduced two new storage products, to offer more resiliency and protection for customer data.

The new services are Filestore Enterprise and Backup for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Cloud Storage is being updated to let users select the regions of their choice for dual-region buckets. Google is also offering a new 15-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in Cloud Storage.

With an upcoming release, users will be able to select their own region pairs. The new option will give users the ability to tailor their dual-region bucket to their own requirements and use cases.

Google is offering a new Turbo Replication option for dual-region buckets. This RPO replicates 100% of your data between regions in 15 minutes or less, backed by a Service Level Agreement.

Google is offering Backup for GKE, a native GKE service that makes it easier to protect container-based data. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), a managed Kubernetes service. As customers opt to run stateful applications in containers, it becomes more imperative to keep their data protected.

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