September 30, 2023

Microsoft launched its new version of Windows Server2022, the general availability of an operating system that appears just in time to accompany Windows 11.Microsoft has given a lot of importance to security. 

The new version of its operating system for servers also covers HTTPS for the transfer of secure encrypted hypertext and this has been included for the first time in any updates of Microsoft till now. It has also added a security mechanism, AES-256 encryption for the SMB protocol for exchanging data.

New Features

  • Advanced multi-layered security
  • Hybrid capabilities with Azure
  • Flexible application platform

Advantage of Windows Server 2022

Here is the list of major advantages that this new Windows Server 2022 brings with it:-

  • Azure Automanage : Along with the automated cloud best practices, and the Microsoft cloud adoption framework, it also enables the professionals to put their practices into the enterprise expertise.
  • Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI: To modernize the management and virtualization layers here, the customers can use the Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI.

Microsoft has brought three different flavors :- 

  • Standard
  • Datacenter
  • Datacenter – Azure Edition

From now on there will be no more semi annual releases. Microsoft itself has claimed that it will only release LTCS versions of Windows Server. Microsoft clarified that all these LTSC product releases will have 10 years of support.  So, in this 10 years of support service, they have segmented their services and here they are explained below:- 

Among the 10 years of support, 5 years will be significant and another 5 years will be prolonged, while on the other side, there will be a flow cycle of 2 to 3 years for the new versions of Windows Server.

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