December 10, 2023

Palo Alto newest product is the Okyo Garde, a wireless mesh router with built-in cybersecurity capabilities that enterprises can use to protect remote workers’ home networks from hacking attempts.

Okyo Garde is designed to help to secure their remote workers’ home wireless networks. An enterprise can issue Okyo Garde routers to its employees to ensure that connections through which they access work applications are secure. Workers may also use the device to create a second, separate Wi-Fi network for personal use.

The router detects when a worker clicks on a malicious link and prevents the malicious website from loading. Okyo Garde spots phishing attempts and even provides features for blocking cyberattacks that target an employee’s smart home appliances.

Administrators can manage employees, Okyo Garde deployments through a mobile app. The app provides controls for managing configuration settings and displays alerts for cybersecurity incidents, such if a router detects that a printer has been infected with malware.

For enterprises, Palo Alto Networks will sell an edition of Okyo Garde integrated with its Prisma Access service that provides ZeroTrust Architecture. The router uses the “same technology that secures some of the world’s largest companies, banks, hospitals.

Okyo Garde’s features with mesh networking support, could make the router useful for providing WiFi coverage at corporate locations such as offices. Mesh networking is a technology that links multiple WiFi devices together to provide internet access in a larger area than a single router could cover.

Okyo Garde supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard and runs on a 2.2GHz quad-core chip. Palo Alto Networks says that the router has been equipped with a large memory configuration to accommodate its cybersecurity features and improve network performance.

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