September 22, 2023

Palo Alto’s Prisma Cloud offering that’s used by enterprises to secure hybrid and multicloud environments. A new features unveiled today include an advanced container image sandboxing capability that will protect against container security risks.

Prisma Cloud provides monitoring features that can identify security issues, together with breach prevention tools that allow administrators to block any threats. Enhanced container security is becoming a must have because organizations increasingly consume images from multiple different sources that cannot be trusted.

Prisma Cloud now provides a sandboxing feature that uses machine learning to analyze each one, performing a deep inspection of all of its processes, its file system and networking activity, before it’s deployed.

Auto-Detection and Auto-Protection capabilities got extended to standalone virtual machines running in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. These Host Security capabilities were previously only available for virtual machines on AWS. Auto-Detection and Auto-Protection on Prisma Cloud helps to reduce the effort required by DevOps teams to manually configure, deploy and update software agents that run alongside and protect each workload.

WAAS feature is designed to protect cloud-native applications by expanding web application firewalls to cover API security capabilities, advanced DoS protection and bot risk management is now available with Windows support

Palo Alto said the new capabilities are available in the Prisma Cloud Compute Edition now and will become available in Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition next month

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