September 25, 2023

Researchers have uncovered malware being distributed by a network of websites acting as a ‘dropper as a service’, serving up a variety of other nasty packages.

These droppers for hire are delivering bundles of malicious and unwanted content to targets looking for cracked versions of popular business and consumer applications.

The bait sites link to tracker servers, redirect the victim’s browser based on location, browser and OS. Only victims with the ‘right’ combination are sent to the malicious download site. Victims can be hit with info-stealers like Raccoon Stealer and Crypto Bot, backdoors like Glupteba, crypto-miners, plugins that spam or alter web content, or notification services that spam with fake malware alerts.

One dropper-as-a-service offers up to $5 per download to ‘publishers’.

Paid download and dropper services have been around for a long time, but they continue to evolve and thrive and make money for the operators behind them. The underground demand for account access credentials remains high, and these paid-for services enable less-skilled cybercriminals to implement bulk credential theft and cryptocurrency fraud at minimal cost.

The dropper-as-a-service operators have also adapted to maximize their profits by bundling a range of malicious or unwanted content in each dropper, hitting victims with a raft of toxic applications in a single download.

The existence of DaaS business model means it’s likely to be employed elsewhere too. To defend against it review security software, settings and policies to ensure you can detect and block malicious and unwanted downloads.

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