June 7, 2023

The master mind behind the Phorpiex botnet have shut down their operations and put the source code of the bot for sale on a cybercrime forum in on a dark web.

The decision to sell the source code comes from the consideration that the two original authors of the malware have left the operations.

“As I no longer work and my friend has left the biz, I’m here to offer Trik (name from coder) / Phorpiex (name for AV firms) source for sell [sic],”

The main bot and all modules are written in C++, authors claim that the bot nor modules trigger any firewall / UAC prompts.The researchers confirmed that the source code of the bot hasn’t been sold before, and if the C&C servers for the botnet are down, who will buy the code we will be able to set up new ones and take control over the previously infected systems.It is not clear how many infected machines are still active.

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