September 30, 2023

Telecommunications company AT&T Inc. has possibly been hacked with a well-known hacker advertising a database from the company with more than 70 million customer records.

The listing on the hacking site Raid Forums, from ShinyHunters, claims that the database includes Social Security numbers and dates of birth. Shiny is offering the data on a bidding basis. The first bid starts at $200,000 with bids going up $30,000 each after that. “Flash,” presumably a “buy it now” price, is $1 million.

The alleged hack and ShinyHunters offering comes as a hack of T-Mobile, which was first known through a post on Raid Forums, continues to gain media attention.

T-Mobile was first reported to be investigating a potential hack on Aug. 15 after a Raid Forums member called “Subvirt” advertised the stolen data for sale for six bitcoin ($283,000). Forward to Aug. 16 and T-Mobile confirmed it was hacked, yet again.

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