January 22, 2022


Thinking Security ! Always

McAfee MVISION Private Access

MVISION Private Access, an integrated approach that enables granular zero-trust access to extend data and threat protection capabilities to private applications on hybrid information technology environments.

MVISION Private Access is designed to disrupt the zero-trust network access market by making data centricity a core capability of granular zero trust access. Provides complete coverage across managed and unmanaged devices. Private Access performs continuous risk assessment by deriving enhanced device posture information through McAfee Enterprise’s endpoint security technology.

The new service converges with MVISION Unified Cloud Edge for a single low-latency, 99.999% available cloud-native platform that offers unified visibility and control across clouds, private applications, web and endpoints.

With UCE convergence, which includes CASB and Secure Web Gateway, MVISION Private Access offers seamlessly provisioned private access. Along with other security capabilities through the same service edge, the service establishes a secure foundation for Secure Access Service Edge deployments.

MVISION Private Access also offers granular controls for unmanaged device access, including frictionless support and the ability to move beyond simple access and posture concepts into full session control. The service enables sophisticated policy options that enable organizations to tailor policy to address their desired threat and data posture, addressing session residence, cookie theft/replay, copy/paste and preventing lateral movement of threats.

The service further integrates with Identity and Access Management and multifactor authentication solutions, enabling strong authentication options for application access and supplementing context-based access controls.

ZTNA is built for cloud-first deployments, simplifying technology stacks, reducing cost and complexity and improving productivity Existing ZTNA solutions lack the data-centric security controls associated with cloud and web security needed to secure today’s increasing remote connections.

MVISION Private Access unlocks secure, seamless and ultra-fast access to private applications for remote workforces and eliminates the additional hardware costs, time-consuming setup process and complicated architecture associated with traditional VPNs.

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