December 9, 2023

Ivanti Inc a major provider of software for managing information technology infrastructure,acquired venture-backed startup RiskSense Inc. to expand its cybersecurity capabilities.

Administrators rely on Ivanti’s tools to troubleshoot employee laptops, manage ‘internet of things’ systems and identify unused software subscriptions that should be canceled, to name a few of the tasks Ivanti promises to help with.

RiskSense provides a cybersecurity platform that can automatically detect if a company’s infrastructure systems or applications contain any known vulnerabilities. RiskSense’s platform not only organizes issues based on severity but also displays what business units and systems they affect to help administrators more easily prioritize remediation efforts. 

Ivanti already uses some of RiskSense’s technology in its Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence product, which helps administrators roll out security updates to applications.

Ivanti’s vision is to provide a set of features that IT teams can use to detect vulnerabilities in systems and then quickly roll out patches to fix them. The faster an organization fixes a vulnerability, the less risk there is of a cyberattack.

This combination will allow us to provide our customers with a holistic view of vulnerabilities and exposures, and then enable them to take fast action through Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence.

RiskSense raised about $24 million in funding prior to the acquisition. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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