September 30, 2023

Password security was a problem even before the advent of widespread remote work. Even after reiteration, end-users committing the same older mistake.

Thumb Rules Ignorance

  1. Always use strong passwords
  2. Use a unique password for every account
  3. Store all passwords securely, with full encryption
  4. Never share work-related passwords with unauthorized parties
  5. Password-sharing within the workplace is okay, but only if it’s done securely, with full end-to-end encryption

Protection techniques

  • Seamlessly integrates into any IAM tech stack.
  • Automatically generates strong, unique passwords. 
  • Securely stores passwords in an encrypted digital vault. 
  • Gives IT admins complete control over employee password behavior. 
  • Enables secure password sharing. 
  • Provides your employees with a fringe benefit, at no additional cost.

Password security is the foundation of cybersecurity, and it’s especially important in a remote work world. It’s impossible to secure your organization without first securing your employees’ passwords.

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