September 25, 2023

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday with six in-the-wild vulnerabilities patched, including one buried in the vestiges of Internet Explorer’s MSHTML web rendering code followed by Google’s latest Chrome security advisory, which includes a zero-day patch (CVE-2021-30551) to Chrome’s JavaScript engine amongst its 14 officially listed security fixes.

This bug is listed as a “type confusion in V8“, where V8 is the part of Chrome that runs JavaScript code, and type confusion means that you can feed V8 one sort of data item but trick JavaScript into handling it as if it were something else, possibly bypassing security checks or running unauthorised code as a result.

Google isn’t saying whether the CVE-2021-30551 bug can be used for full-on remote code execution which, in the context of a browser, usually means that you are vulnerable to a drive-by download.

A drive-by means that merely viewing a website, without clicking on any popups or seeing any “Are you sure?” warnings, could allow crooks to run rogue code invisibly and implant malware on your computer.

However, CVE-2021-30551 only gets a High rating, with just one bug that isn’t in the wild (CVE-2021-30544) denoted Critical.

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