December 8, 2023

A group identifying itself as Xing Team belived to be a Chinese group that follow mount locker encryption technique last month posted to its dark web site a collection of files stolen from LineStar Integrity Services, a Houston-based company that sells auditing, compliance, maintenance, and technology services to pipeline customers.

The data, first spotted online by the WikiLeaks-style transparency group DDoSecrets, includes 73,500 emails, accounting files, contracts, and other business documents, around 19 GB of software code and data, and 10 GB of HR files that includes scans of employee driver’s licenses and Social Security cards. This may lead other Ransomware groups to ride the pipeline attack

The breach of a second pipeline firm by ransomware operators after Colonial’s shutdown may seem to signal a trend of cybercriminal hackers specifically targeting critical infrastructure.

There has been a lot of talk about critical infrastructure being targeted in this war-like situation, but the reality is they are going after everything and it’s frenzy

That hacking epidemic, however, now extends to the industrial backbone of the American economy. And with the breach of a company that serves as a hub of one such industry, the stakes are only getting higher

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