November 30, 2023

Mozilla says that Firefox users will be protected against cross-site tracking automatically while browsing the Internet in Private Browsing mode. Total Cookie Protection will be enabled by default in Private Browsing windows

Total Cookie Protection is designed to force all websites to keep their cookies in separate “jars,” thus preventing them from tracking you across the web and building browsing profiles.

First introduced in V86 this privacy feature was only active until now when users would manually toggle on ETP Strict Mode in the web browser’s settings. This principle is now enforced in Firefox Private Browsing windows by creating a separate cookie jar for every website you visit.

While constantly blocking misbehaving sites that want to track you around the web, Total Cookie Protection does make a limited exception in the case of cross-site cookies needed for non-tracking purposes, such as the ones used by popular third-party login providers.

Mozilla Total Cookie Protection

Firefox private browsing enhances privacy protection

According to Mozilla, while browsing the web using Firefox’s private mode, your privacy will be defended using the following privacy protection technologies, all enabled by default:

  • Total Cookie Protection isolates cookies to the site where they were created
  • Super cookie protections stop super cookies from following you from site to site
  • Cookies and caches are cleared at the end of every Private Browsing session and aren’t shared with normal windows
  • Trackers are blocked, including cookies, scripts, tracking pixels, and other resources from domains on Disconnects list of known trackers
  • Many fingerprinting scripts are blocked, according to Disconnects list of invasive fingerprinting domains
  • Smart Block intelligently fixes up web pages that were previously broken when tracking scripts were blocked

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