December 9, 2023

Zscaler has agreed to buy Smokescreen Technologies to proactively hunt for emerging adversary tactics and techniques using deception technology.

Zscaler plans to enhance its active defense capabilities by integrating Smokescreen into its ZIA secure web gateway as well as its ZPA zero trust network access offering

The Smokescreen deal comes after Zscaler agreed to purchase Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management platform provider Trustdome.

Zscaler plans to further develop Smokescreen and Trustdome’s products and incorporate their technologies into the company’s platform, Adding it to Zero Trust Exchange, the economics of cyberattacks by making them far more costly, complex and difficult for the adversary both before and during their attempted intrusions can be predicted

Smokescreen was founded in 2015, hasn’t raised any outside funding, and employs 42 people. The company uses proactive tactics to thwart the most advanced attackers by identifying intrusions before vital company data and resources are compromised, according to Zscaler. Smokescreen is fully aligned with the MITRE Shield, a framework for organizations to apply active defense effectively in their security operations workflows.

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