March 22, 2023

Palo Alto Networks announced a slate of new features designed to help customers introduce a Zero Trust across their network security stack. The process of adopting complete Zero Trust Network Security by adding SaaS Security, Advanced URL Filtering, DNS Security, Cloud Identity Engine, and new ML-Powered Firewalls.

The productivity of a hybrid workforce lies in the ability for users to move freely on and off the campus network and still securely access any applications or data from any device in any location. Enabling this seamless experience securely is one of the many promises of a Zero Trust architecture.

New tools will introduce Cloud Access Security Brokers, which enable secure access to SaaS applications, as well as a Cloud Identity Engine that authenticates and authorizes the network’s users.

URL Filtering, beefed-up DNS Security, an ML-powered firewall and more round out the list of tools being incorporated across an organization’s hardware, software and cloud.

Zero-trust enabling technologies like multi-factor authentication and segmentation make it more difficult for an attacker to move deeper into the network after compromising one device.

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