December 11, 2023

The Conti ransomware gang has released a free decryptor for Ireland’s health service, the HSE, but warns that they will still sell or release the stolen data. Though block is successful but systems are forced to shutdown and was widespread.. HSE is recovering from backups and concerned over data leak

Surprisingly, the ransomware gang posted a link to a free decryptor in their negotiation chat with the HSE that can be used use to recover encrypted files for free.On the other side threat actors warn that they will still be selling or publishing the stolen private data if a ransom of $19,999,000 is not paid.

"We are providing the decryption tool for your network for free. But you should understand that we will sell or publish a lot of private data if you will not connect us and try to resolve the situation" on TOR site

Since the initial attack, there has not been any further conversation between HSE, or someone else who had access to the chat, and the Conti ransomware gang. While the HSE can now recover encrypted files for free, from previous activity of the ransomware gang, the release of the alleged 700 GB of stolen data is likely imminent

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