December 2, 2023

McAfee announced significant expansion of its XDR solution by correlating the extensive telemetry of. EDR, SASE, and MVISION cloud Insights. These integrations protect organization against the most advanced threats while simplifying security operations with unified control and visibility from device to cloud.

As SOC team are dealing with increasingly sophisticated threat actors targeting remote employees and cloud services using more evasive techniques across expanding digital attack surfaces making it harder. Recent research says a significant gap exist on detection and response

MVISION XDR is the first proactive, data-aware platform designed to help organizations stop sophisticated, multi vector attacks with unified TDR that connects and fuses endpoint, network,cloud data sources. XDR incidents are enriched with actionable threat insights from McAfee’s SASE solution, which detects cloud threats that occur within web and SaaS environments.

MVISION XDR delivers end-to-end threat visibility across all attack surfaces, greater context, and situational awareness using automation to streamline operations so organizations can preempt an attack rather than scramble to contain a breach. As SOC process huge volume of security Threat logs

MVISION XDR capabilities include:

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Automated threat management tasks
  • Proactive threat hunting and optimized response

Threat detection doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Without weaving together forensic data from endpoint and non-endpoint sources to paint the bigger picture kill chain, it’s incredibly difficult to see attackers traversing your environment and answer the investigative questions that matter to SOC teams.

McAfee’s XDR has significant potential to achieve what security analytics tools have largely been unable to offer by natively integrating more types of telemetry with threat intel into a single user experience for detection and response.

Decision can be made fast and Presice with XDR

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