December 5, 2023

Eaton’s IPM solution is designed to ensure system uptime and data integrity by allowing organizations to remotely monitor, manage and control the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices on their network.

CISA advises the IPM product is affected by six high-severity vulnerabilities that can be exploited for SQL injection, command execution, deleting arbitrary files, uploading arbitrary files, and remote code execution.

While some of the vulnerabilities can only be exploited by an authenticated attacker, others can be exploited without authentication, including for arbitrary code execution.

The issues were identified in a web server interface of the IPM software that enables users to configure the product. This web server is typically accessible from the local network and is not hosted on public-facing servers.

By exploiting a server using this software, an attacker can disrupt the UPS operations and therefore disrupt the power supply to equipment that relies on the UPS as its power source.

The security holes impact Eaton IPM and Intelligent Power Manager Virtual Appliance (IPM VA) running versions prior to 1.69, and Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) running versions prior to 1.68. Versions 1.69 and 1.68 address the vulnerabilities. Organizations can also block ports 4679 and 4680 to prevent exploitation.

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