September 30, 2023

Zoom was in the limelight for past one year during ongoing pandemic, lot has changed after the bugs to hand hold the market shares. But again the doubt arising wheather zoom is protecting user privacy.

Cybercriminals exploited a vulnerability and undertook a distant code execution (RCE) assault to take management of host PCs. During Pwn2Own this has been identified.

The hacker has to be a part of the same organizational domain as the host PC’s user has to get permission from the host to join the meeting; When the attackers become part of a meeting, they will be able to execute a chain of three malware that will install an RCE backdoor on the victim’s PC.

The threat actors can get access to your PC, and simultaneously will able to be able to implement remote commands that will then give access to your sensitive data. This doesn’t requires the victim consent which is alarming and essential Security layer should be in place

The aforementioned operation runs on Mac, Windows, but on Zoom’s iOS and Android apps, it has not been checked yet. Notably, the browser version is safe. Zoom is yet to take measures, and the technical details of the attack have not been reported to the public, yet. Reportedly, the patch will arrive on Zoom for Mac and Windows within the next 90 days.

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